Quite simply, the pub as we knew it is disappearing faster than my kids do when there's washing up to be done.

This blog is just a place to record pubs that are going or gone and an anecdote or two. The first eight are all within three miles of my home. If you have any you want to add, just send me a photo and a few sentences and I'll add them when I get a moment.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fleur de Lys, Rochester Rd, Burham, Kent

This seemed to disappear overnight in 2010. The only photo I have myself is of the cleared site where it stood. The picture showing the pub comes from Burham Village's own site. Not that it will interest you, but this was the first pub I ever rode out to on my motorbike (a 1959 BSA D1 Bantam) with John Bell who had a Honda CD175. That would have been in 1978. Developers want to build a whole load of houses here now, but the villagers don't approve. Go Burham!

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