Quite simply, the pub as we knew it is disappearing faster than my kids do when there's washing up to be done.

This blog is just a place to record pubs that are going or gone and an anecdote or two. The first eight are all within three miles of my home. If you have any you want to add, just send me a photo and a few sentences and I'll add them when I get a moment.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Little Gem, Aylesford High Street, Kent

The Little Gem. Allegedly built in 1106. Restored in 1958. Closed in 2010. Reputed to be the smallest pub in Kent, it had a minuscule mezzanine floor and generally stocked a good range of real ales and ciders.


  1. How sad.

    I´m spanish and during the 7 years I lived in Rochester area (during the 90s) I learned to love one of the best english traditions: real ales.

    Thanks to some of my friends I discovered CAMRA and the heritage this beautiful country of yours posseses.

    The Little Gem was one of those special places I went to enjoy excellent locally brewed ales and ciders. I reckon it was funny to be there as the place was really small and it was really busy (specially when people played darts). I remember last time I went to the place in 2004 in one of my trips back to my second home (as I call it) it was still serving very good stuff. I also enjoyed my way through the forrest surrounding Aylesford.What a pity !

    I´m preparing a family trip to Rochester for August this year, as I would like my son (7 years old now and this is his first long-trip away from home) to know the place which brings me so many good memories. And while browsing the area to see how much it has changed during these years, I saw this comment.

    I´ve also noticed some other good pubs nearby have been closed. All I can say is that this is also English heritage and you should preserve it. It is very sad when you see these things happening.

    This is a really, really sad day for me.

  2. The Little Gem hasn't been the smallest Kent pub for many years. This honour goes to the Butcher's Arms at Herne.

  3. And Augustin, forget about returning to the Little Gem. After it's steady deterioration, it has been closed for years. The place is boarded up and even the little bow window at the front has gone missing. Nobody wants to spend the asking price of £230,000 for the place and attempts are ongoing for it to be turned into a private house. Thank goodness I saw the little place in it's prime because it's now a sad, sad place.

  4. the beer at this fabulous little pub was completely heavenly, what a pity it's shut............