Quite simply, the pub as we knew it is disappearing faster than my kids do when there's washing up to be done.

This blog is just a place to record pubs that are going or gone and an anecdote or two. The first eight are all within three miles of my home. If you have any you want to add, just send me a photo and a few sentences and I'll add them when I get a moment.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The pub is dead. Long live the...errrm... supermarket

It’s hard to exaggerate just how big a change has been happening to English drinking patterns in recent years. Cheap supermarket booze is one factor that has seen alcohol consumption shift from the pub to the living room with the resulting closure of 1000s of pubs. Whatever you think about alcohol (I no longer drink it) or pubs (I'm not a real man and never felt especially at home in them, so I've never had a pub I'd call 'my local') it's hard to describe the enormity of this change and the loss to our cultural heritage. The next generation will have little understanding of what the pub was like in the 20th Century. 
Anyway, this blog is for anyone to record memories of pubs we have lost. Ideally, posts will include a photo and a few sentences mentioning the name and location of the pub, maybe an anecdote. Essays may be edited down so please keep it short and to the point.
Disclaimer - This is mainly for memories, my own amusement and as a historical, photographic record of a dramatic change for my children (Manny and Sophie) and anyone else who is interested, but if you send me stuff then I will assume that you are have the legal right to do so and are content for me to do whatever I want with it. And if Penguin offer me a £1m advance to turn this into a book, then I'll willingly credit you for anything you send me, but won't be sending you any beer tokens!

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