Quite simply, the pub as we knew it is disappearing faster than my kids do when there's washing up to be done.

This blog is just a place to record pubs that are going or gone and an anecdote or two. The first eight are all within three miles of my home. If you have any you want to add, just send me a photo and a few sentences and I'll add them when I get a moment.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The George Inn, Aylesford High Street, Kent

This can't technically be included in the recent wave of closures as it has been private residential for as long as I can remember -  some 30 years at least. Built in 1714, it retains its etched glass windows showing: the Public Bar; the Private Bar; and, Smoking Room (something else you don't see any more).

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  1. When the George relinquished it's licence in about the 1970s, it was taken up by the Little Gem which until that time had been a café. All the original bar remains in place and in the centre of the pub is a small foyer with a glass roof. The place apparently attracted smugglers back in the 1700s.