Quite simply, the pub as we knew it is disappearing faster than my kids do when there's washing up to be done.

This blog is just a place to record pubs that are going or gone and an anecdote or two. The first eight are all within three miles of my home. If you have any you want to add, just send me a photo and a few sentences and I'll add them when I get a moment.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Prince Albert, Rochester Road, Burham, Kent

Now my nearest Chinese takeaway and quite a good takeaway it is too, but as The Prince Albert it seemed like one of those stalwart British pubs. No gimmicks, maybe a dart board, a menu that extended to crisps, peanuts and perhaps pork scratchings. I seem to remember drinking here with Maggie Parsons - a kindly and fun contemporary from my nursing days. Tragically, she liked places like this and The Pilot in Lower Stone Street too much, which I think contributed to her premature death. 

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